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Fascinating book with amazing story

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

I once in a while read fiction books, however this is the subsequent fiction book that I've perused during this year.

I read with intrigue COMPANY OF FOOLS: Selling For Love & Life, Is A Tricky Business written by J W Nelson is discovered enchanting as I progress with this 310 pages fiction work.

The Author presents the primary character in this book, Justin Whalley who is a rigid, not all that terrible looking youngster who needs three things from life - a spouse, kids and a great job. Justin encounters a turbulent life journey to achieve every other person's image of 'typical' with his family and dear companions lashed in alongside him through a flood of feelings, humiliation and anguish.

Taking the reader to the scene in respect of how Justin finds the girl he thinks is ‘The One’, how he starts to win her affections and hopes his love story is about to blossom. However, the whole game seems impossible. Changing tack he ventures down a dangerous, wild path which threatens to damage his clean-cut reputation at work, the Author exhibited his skill.

I liked the substance that talks: (1) How Justin's 'alleged' deals execution sees him pulled up before his boss. (2) How he gets entangled in an adoration triangle at work. (3) And afterward how things turn shockingly dull when a work partner bites the dust in questionable conditions. .

To discover answers to the inquiries Are ladies consistently this troublesome? Is selling for affection and life truly such a precarious business? Or on the other hand is it Justin's ways? one must read this book.

This book, as I would see it a magnificently invigorating read for anyone. Extraordinary work Nelson! Keep-up your style for composing.

Amazon link: COMPANY OF FOOLS: Selling For Love & Life, Is A Tricky Business

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